Environmental Park Loop Trail

A lake and a gravelly trail curving at the Camden Environmental Park Loop Trail

Camden Environmental Park

Distance: 0.9 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Trail type: Dirt
Surroundings: Environmental Park / Lagoon / River
Address: 174 Bramblewood Plantation Road, Camden, SC

Trail Notes

The City of Camden transformed a former wastewater lagoon into an outdoor haven that will be an important part of future trails and greenway developments. This unique, multi-phase riverfront park and wetlands is designed to attract a vast array of wildlife, with demonstration islands for agricultural education. The park opened in September, 2020. Currently it features a dirt trail nearly a mile long, a boat launch (including an ADA-compliant launch), plus a half-mile meandering waterway that provides habitat to fish and birds. But with 26 acres, this park has a lot of potential. Future plans include board walks, more trails, and educational amenities. Eventually, we hope the trail will connect to other trails that can be created in the city and county, making a fantastic greenway for all of us to enjoy.

― Bryan Gentry

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