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Trails For A Happy, Healthy Kershaw County

Today, citizens of Kershaw County are working together to make this plan a reality. We envision a county where a network of trails enhances the quality of life for every individual and family. Trails and sidewalks will allow more people to exercise and improve their health. We have three main objectives:

First, support and work with the leaders of Kershaw County, the City of Camden, and other communities in developing a larger network of trails. Our conversations with people throughout the county have shown a need for more off-road trails with greater distance. There are numerous opportunities to develop more trails with public-private partnerships and strategic investments.

Second, provide a guide to the county’s trails. This website shares maps, addresses, and reviews for trails throughout the county. If you know of a trail we’ve missed, let us know.

Third, we promote road and trail safety for all runners, walkers, and cyclists. In this effort, we collaborate with other concerned citizens and groups.

Bridge going over a ditch in the middle of the forest at Veterans Park

View or download the 2023 State of the Trails report here

6 kayaks in the water and a few more at the boat launch in the distance at Kendall Lake Loop Trail on a sunny day with few clouds in the sky

Yakking the Wateree River 2022

On Saturday, July 16, 2022, the "Yakking the River" event took place and hundreds of paddlers floated down the Wateree RIver from the Wateree Lake Dam to the Camden Environmental Park (175 Bramblewood Plantation Rd, Camden, SC) which lies on the Wateree between Highway 1 and I-20.