Clemson Lloyd Project

4 Bikers with bright colored clothes and helmets riding down a path at Clemson Lloyd property

On Saturday, 11/6/21, Leoncia Cruz, Environmental Education Specialist at the Clemson Lloyd project, hosted KC Trails to a “Sneak Peek” at the Lloyd Project, an 800-acre nature preserve.

In addition to Leoncia and Clemson representatives, KC Trails, City of Camden, and Kershaw County personnel attended. Leoncia provided an overview of the Lloyd Project to include existing and planned construction, current educational programs, the longleaf pine reforestation project and planned near-term programming.

We were then treated to a River View Trail hike with stops along the way to explain how the trail is used for STEAM education initiatives. The trail hike was followed by an optional trail bike ride of approximately 4 miles that covered the range of ecosystems on the property. It was a great day and many thanks to Leoncia and her crew!

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Leoncia The Enviornmental Educational Specialist Gives a Presentation Nature As Teacher Poster Displayed Teaching Shelter Projection In An Art Drawing At Clemson Lloyd Property

People Looking Over Lake Wateree At Clemson Lloyd Property People Walking In the Forest At Clemson Lloyd Property Future Plans Of How Clemson Lloyd Property Will Look Bathrooms At Clemson Lloyd Property

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