Kendall Park

Kendall Park is a part of Camden’s City Parks. Near the Kershaw County Medical Center, you will find this park with a fitness course and picnic tables. To the northeast, you will also find an old mill village with many restored houses. Kendall Lake is located behind the mill. Kendall Park has a trail system in it inside Park Circle. Drive down Lake Shore Dr. off of 2nd St. you will see Kendal Lake Loop Trail. Read below to view those trails.

Kendall Park Trail

Distance: 0.5 miles Difficulty: Easy Trail type: Rubberized surface Surroundings: Neighborhood Area: Camden Trail Notes This is a great place for a nice jog or walk, with a rubberized walking surface for shock absorption. Nestled between Kendall Lake and the Kershaw Health hospital, at the corner of Haile Street and Lakeshore Drive in Camden, the …

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Black rubber path wading around trees passing a bridge in the background

Kendall Lake Loop Trail

Distance: 1.8 miles Difficulty: Easy Trail type: Paddle Surroundings: Homes/Kendall Mill Trail Notes This is a great place for a quiet paddle. Start at the Kendall Lake Park and head north along the shore and you will find your self in a cool dark forest at the top of the lake. ― Tom Sliker   …

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Canopy of trees over Kendall Lake seen by a trail through the trees of the lake