Goodale State Park Nature Trail

A man riding his bike down Goodale Nature Trail

Distance: 1.5 miles
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Trail type: Dirt trail
Surroundings: Forest

Trail Notes

We’re lucky to have Goodale State Park right here in Kershaw County. This nature trail allows you to get out in the woods and enjoy peace and quiet.

To find the trailhead, enter Goodale State Park and follow the driveway straight until the drive turns sharply to the right. You’ll then pass the trailhead on your way down to the parking lot on the left. Then, cross back in front of the office building.

You’ll walk straight out for a while and eventually come to a right turn in the trail that leads you in a loop. When you finish the loop, you can either go straight to return to the trailhead, or turn again if you’d like a little more exercise and time in the forest.

Trees surround you for almost the entire hike, which is nice because you have fairly constant shade. Of course, you’re in the woods, so tick repellent is a must.

I’ve usually gone on this trail alone, but I have seen people hiking it with their kids and pets.


― Bryan Gentry


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A parade of people walking the Goodale state park Nature trail on The First Day Hike. One person with a walking stick and people in comfortable clothing smiling
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