Clemson Lloyd Property


Nature as Teacher Poster attached to a black iron fence with the door open

In the heart of the South Carolina sandhills, an 853-acre plot of forested land has been set aside for ecological conservation, research, and education. Bordered by the Wateree River on one side and the quiet town of Camden on the other, this land – called Hardscramble – was donated to Clemson University in 2006 by the late Margaret Lloyd, a local environmental advocate. The preservation and wise-use of this longleaf-pine dominated forest represents one woman’s dream of fostering environmental education in the state of South Carolina.

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2 bikers in the distance riding trail at Clemson Lloyd Property
5 Bikers standing still talking to a photographer and two other hikers on Clemson Lloyd Trail
4 Bikers with bright colored clothes and helmets riding down a path at Clemson Lloyd property