Veteran’s Park Loop Trail

Kayak in the distance on lake
Boat launch extending in the water at Veterans Park Loop Trail
Boat Launch at Veterans Park Loop Trail

Distance: 0.4 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Trail type: Concrete
Surroundings: Park and river

Veterans Park includes a paved walking path a little under half a mile long that links with a second natural surface track for a total of .75 miles of trail. This trail is the venue for several important community events, including Halloween and Christmas festivals. Created in 2020, this is one of our newest parks! Located immediately on the west side of the Wateree River, north of Highway 1. It also has a boat launch for your canoe or kayak that is handicap accessible. This park has the potential to be an important centerpiece of future trail expansions. Visit and enjoy!

Links for Wateree River Veterans Park:

Two small children one with a wonder woman costume and another witha princess costume trick or treating with a small boy with a spider man costume on surrounded by adults at Veterans Park Loop Trail
Boat launch extending in the water at Veterans Park Loop Trail
A close up of adults with their children Trick or Treating at Veterans Park Loop Trail
A parade of small children in Halloween Costumes getting out of cars going trick or treating. An adult sized dinosaur is in the foreground trick-or-treating at the Veterans Park Loop Trail
Paved Trail in the middle of cut green grass at Veterans Park Loop Trail
Wateree River Veterans Park signage with Kerhaw County Parks and Recreations emblem on it.

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