Invista Walking Path

Splash Page Picture Invista trail outlined in medium sized rocks on a gravellly trail with the sun shining and going down
Invista Walking Trail lined with medium sized rocks on a gravelly trail with the setting sun peeking through the trees scattered around the grounds.
Invista walking trail showing a gravelly trail and the sun going down

Distance: 1 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Trail type: Dirt/gravel
Surroundings: Trees
Area: Lugoff

If you’re in Lugoff, this trail offers a calming location for a walk. It is a scenic dirt walking trail lined with granite rocks. Enter the Invista complex at 643 US-1 through one of the main entrances, and find the trail parking lot between Highway 1 and the employee lot, near the center of the wooded area that houses the trail.

We saw birds and squirrels, trees and flowers on a walk along this trail. Thanks to the winding nature of the path, you’re never too far from your car. In the morning or evening, the trail gives spectacular views of the sun through the trees. You are also within earshot of Highway 1, so you do hear a bit of traffic. In a way, this trail is an oasis in the middle of a busy part of the county, an easy place to stop by for a walk while you’re out running errands, but also worth a special trip. We are thankful that Invista provides this trail as a service to the community.

Please observe the rules for this trail. It is literally a walking path only ― no pets, no bikes, and no bicycles allowed on this trail.

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