Kendall Lake Loop Trail

Cloudy sky as the sun s going down over a lake at Kendall Lake Loop Distance: 1.8 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Trail type: Paddle
Surroundings: Homes/Kendall Mill

Trail Notes

This is a great place for a quiet paddle. Start at the Kendall Lake Park and head north along the shore and you will find your self in a cool dark forest at the top of the lake.

― Tom Sliker

A picture of Kendall Lake Loop showing the distance at 1.81 miles and a duration of 44 minutes in Camden South Carolina

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Soothing calm water at Kendall Lake damn and a blue canoe paddling in the distance
Kedall Lake surrounded by trees and lily pads in the foreground and middleground with a setting sun
Canopy of trees over Kendall Lake seen by a trail through the trees of the lake
Blue sky with no clounds outlined by red and golden trees in the horizon at Kendall Lake
Surrounded by trees during sunset Kendall Lake seen by a kayak that has its blue tip in the frame of the picture